Terms and Conditions


Flaxmill seeks your co-operation to ensure your stay with us, and the stay of other guests, is an enjoyable one. In making a booking with us, you are agreeing to all Terms and Conditions below. These are subject to change without notice.

Conditions of Occupancy

Check in: 3.30pm - 6.30pm (for check in outside these times, please phone us in advance).

Check out: 10.00am (unless by prior arrangement with Management).

Tents: Tents can only be erected within the boundaries of a marked “Campsite”. Due to fire safety regulations there must be at least 1.5m between any two tents. If plugging into power you must have an approved RCD safety switch lead at least 10m in length. Management reserves the right to unplug any connection that does not comply with regulations.

Campervans & Caravans: All Caravans/Camper Vans must have a current warrant of fitness and comply with NZS3001:2008 and LPG Standard NZS 5428:2006. They must have their own wastewater container. Chemical toilets must be emptied at the Dump Station.

Campers: Must use the communal facilities provided in the central block, not those in a House or Cottage.

Boats: In consideration of other guests, when flushing out boat motors, this is to be restricted to the boat wash down area between the hours of 10.00am - 4.30pm.

Parking: A maximum of 2 vehicles (including boats) per Campsite or House and 1 per Cottage or Cabin.

Children: Please supervise your children at all times while staying at Flaxmill.

Fires, Drugs & Fireworks: Fires, fireworks, candles/naked flames are not permitted on site. BBQs must be electric or gas. Drugs are not permitted at any time; immediate removal from Flaxmill will result.

Alcohol: Alcohol can only be consumed on your allocated Campsite/Accommodation. Excessive drinking and parties are forbidden.

No Smoking: Flaxmill is a fully non-smoking site. Any smoking must be undertaken outside our grounds.

Noise: For the comfort of all our guests we have a strict no noise policy between 10.30pm and 7.00am.

Pets: Sorry, no pets (except Service Dogs) are allowed on site.

Rubbish: Please sort recyclable materials (glass, paper, cardboard, plastic & tins) into recycling bins. All other waste is to be disposed of in approved blue council rubbish bags (available at the Office).

Speed: Walking pace (5km) for all vehicles at all times. Please be mindful of children.

Visitors: All visitors must check in at the Office and leave the grounds by 10.00pm.

Wi Fi, Mobile Coverage, 3G & Power: 500MB free Wi-Fi is available upon arrival per Accommodation/Campsite. Usage over this is charged at $5 per 50MB block. We make no guarantee on the signal quality or its speed. Mobile Coverage/3G in the region can be compromised during busy periods and occasionally there can be power outages. We accept no liability for these factors as they are outside our direct control.

Weather etc. Sometimes unexpected circumstances (i.e. storms, excessive rain/flooding, appliance malfunctions) can cause inconvenience during your holiday. We will deal with anything within our control in a diligent manner. We accept no liability for situations outside of our direct control.

Health & Safety: A First Aid Kit is available at the Office. All accidents on site must be reported to the Office as soon as possible. Guests and visitors are responsible for taking practicable steps to ensure their own safety while staying at Flaxmill.

Flaxmill Management reserves the right to cancel tenancy of any person or group who, in our opinion, are behaving in an objectionable manner or contravene our Conditions of Occupancy. There will be no refund of money paid or credit given.


Bookings are a contract between Flaxmill Bay Hideaway Ltd. (Flaxmill) and the Lead Guest (18 years and over) named on the booking and are subject to the following conditions:

  1. They are not transferable to other people. The Lead Guest must occupy the Accommodation/Campsite for the duration of the contract and is responsible for all occupants in (or visitors to) the Accommodation/Campsite.
  2. There is only 1 account per booking.
  3. All Campsites, Accommodation units and Event Centre areas are allocated at the Flaxmill's discretion.
  4. If a guest chooses to check out of their Accommodation/Campsite prior to the original departure date of their booking, no refund or credit will be given. Flaxmill reserves the right to rebook the Accommodation/Campsite to another party for the remainder of the original booking (no refunds or credit will be given).
  5. Maximum people occupancy: 6 per Campsite, 6 per House (including infants), 2 per Cottage and 3 per Explorer Cabin (including infants).
  6. Bookings are accepted in good faith based on the information you provide to us. For any booking changes that will either, impact the total amount payable, or contravene any of our other booking conditions (e.g. guest numbers), you are obliged to notify Flaxmill at least 30 days before arrival date so your total amount payable can be adjusted if required. All Summer Peak booking changes must be made via email/in writing to Flaxmill.
  7. Guest changes outside of our 30-day notification period: Should the number of people staying in the Accommodation/Campsite exceed the number as declared in your booking and this impacts on the rate charged, additional costs will apply. If the number of people falls below, the rate charged will not be altered and no refund or credit will be given.
  8. We reserve the right to cancel any booking (without refund or credit), or adjust the amount payable, should any requested booking changes result in the minimum requirements for the season no longer being met.
  9. Summer Peak/Shoulder Accommodation Bookings: As the Accommodation is rented out as holiday homes over this period, they are not serviced. It is expected that guests will keep the Accommodation clean and tidy during their stay (cleaning products are provided). Flaxmill staff will clear rubbish and recycling bins and replace towels every 3 days. A full clean will be undertaken by Flaxmill after checkout.
  10. Rates are subject to change at any time.
  11. Flaxmill reserves the right to refuse any booking (without refund or credit) at our discretion.


Bookings are only confirmed when the non-refundable deposit has been paid. We will not hold bookings without a deposit for dates within our Peak season. Outside of our Peak, we hold the right to remove any tentative bookings where the requested deposit has not been paid within 14 days of first enquiry.

Short notice bookings, where your arrival date is less than 14 days away, we require full payment before confirmation.

DEPOSITS, Payments & Due Dates

Payments can be made by Direct Credit to our bank account or by Credit Card (Visa or MasterCard). PLEASE NOTE: All payments made by credit card (including part-payments and instalments) will incur a 2% surcharge.


Full Payment:

If full payment is not received by the relevant due date above, your booking will be treated as cancelled as per our cancellation policy below. Campsites/Accommodation cannot be accessed until full payment has been made.



For Accommodation bookings or Events, a valid credit card is required upon arrival. You are obliged to notify the Office of any damage to Flaxmill property made during your stay. Flaxmill reserves the right to recover the cost of damages or replacement items. This may include reasonable costs of cleaning and/or lost rental if the Accommodation or Event Centre is unable to be made available to future guests due to the actions of you or a member of your party.


Event Bookings: For Events requiring Exclusive Use of Flaxmill, we require a minimum of 60 days’ notice of any alterations that will affect your booking total as invoiced. For smaller Events, a minimum of 30 days’ notice is required. Increases in guest numbers may be accepted subject to availability and the booking cost altered accordingly. All booking alterations need to be made in writing.

Servicing: The Accommodation is not serviced during Events. If there is a requirement for a unit to be cleaned or “turned over” for a new guest arriving, a cleaning fee will be charged. This varies depending on the unit type.

Use of Event Centre Facilities: Management reserves the right to allocate and configure the Event Centre depending on the number attendees. Unless you have booked Exclusive Use, other guests outside of your Event may be using the central block facilities and grounds. We ask that you are respectful of their requirements.

Catering and other services: Flaxmill is happy to help facilitate catering options and/or other services, however these services are outside of Flaxmill’s booking contract with you. You will be subject to the specific terms and payment requirements of the relevant service provider and we accept no responsibility for the quality of service provided by them. Third-party companies coming on site should be approved by Flaxmill prior to your Event.

Dining & Kitchen Facilities: Where the Event Centre or an Event Room is booked, you will be given access to use; the required number of tables and chairs (as per your booking); the central kitchen and onsite catering equipment; plus linen, crockery, cutlery and glassware for your group. Exclusive Use allows full access to the central kitchen facilities. If Exclusive Use has not been booked, these facilities may be shared with other guests staying on site.

Exclusive Use: This is available where the Accommodation and Event Centre are booked under an Exclusive Use package. Exclusive Use means that no other guests, apart from Flaxmill staff and those attending your Event, will be on site at Flaxmill during your stay.

Organiser (Lead Guest) Responsibilities:

Organisers are responsible for any damage sustained to equipment or premises by themselves, their guests or invitees, outside contractors or any other person attending the Event, in any area of the park prior to, during and after the Event. Breakages, property damage or missing items will be charged at cost to the credit card provided at check in (see Damage & Breakages).

Decorations (including lighting) must be approved prior to your Event. Nothing is to be nailed, screwed, stapled or adhered to any wall, door or other surface or buildings unless approved by Management. Flaxmill will take every care but accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to your property prior to, during or after the Event.

It is the Organiser’s responsibility to ensure the Event Centre is left in the same state in which it was found. This includes the cleaning of all kitchen facilities used; crockery, cutlery and glasses. Management reserves the right to recover the cost of extra cleaning if required.

Alcohol & Behaviour: Flaxmill does not supply or sell alcohol for events. You may bring your own alcohol, in which case you take on all liability of being a responsible host. To ensure the welfare of guest attendees, the Organiser is responsible for the behaviour and actions of your guests, including the management of alcohol consumption and ensuring no minors or intoxicated people are served.

No Smoking: Flaxmill is a fully non-smoking site. Any smoking must be undertaken outside our grounds.

PLEASE NOTE: The above “Additional Terms for Events” are to be considered as additional to Flaxmill’s standard “Terms and Conditions” and are also subject to change without notice.

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