Hot Water Beach

hot water beach

Hot Water Beach is a popular tourist destination in the Coromandel for both NZ and International visitors alike.

Geothermic underground hot springs (sometimes as hot as 60ºC or 140ºF) run under the beach and bubble up through the sand, so that at low tide, you can dig your very own personal spa pool to relax in. A perfect activity all year round and a "Must Do" in the area!

It does get very crowded on the beach, so make sure you allow enough time to get there, find a good spot and dig your hole.

If you're looking for some unique gifts, jewellery or garden art to take home, you should also visit Moko Artspace (just opposite the top carpark) before you go. If you need to grab a coffee or something to eat, there's Hot Waves Cafe nearby or takeaways and icecreams available at the beach shop.

Hot Water Beach carpark is only 15 minutes drive from Flaxmill Bay.

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Flaxmill's TIPs on hot water beach...

  • Best time: Between 1-2 hours either side of low tide
  • Occasionally, if there has been a storm or the tide has been very high, the hot pools may still be covered by the sea at low tide
  • You'll need: Togs, towels and a decent spade (spades can be hired at the beach shop by the top carpark)
  • The water can get VERY HOT so it's also a good idea to bring a bucket for fetching sea water to cool your pool down! Or position your spot closer to the water's edge so you can dig a channel and get some cool water flowing in
  • Access: 100 metres along the beach from the carpark to the rocky outcrops (you'll see other people and steam rising from the sand). There is no wheelchair or stroller access
  • If the top carpark is full, there is an alternate carpark at Bull Paddock on the left as you approach Hot Water Beach (before you cross the bridge). Follow the bush track by the stream to get to the beach. See photo # 5 for a walking map
  • Facilities: There are toilets and outdoor showers by the top carpark
  • SAFETY: Hot Water Beach is known for strong, fast-forming rips. It is NOT recommended as a swimming beach (especially for children or inexperienced swimmers)
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flaxmill is only 15 mins drive to hot water beach...